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China Forex Trading Outlook 2011 will be held on September 15-16 in Shanghai, China

Share April 15th 2011

China Forex Trading Outlook 2011 will be held on 15-16 September, 2011 in Shanghai, China. This event is dedicated to assessing the development of China forex market and the implications for future role of RMB.

As a premier platform focusing on forex trading, the China Forex Trading Outlook 2011 will provide you with a comprehensive picture of macro economic trends, SAFE’s regulatory directions, FX derivatives development, risk management of banks, offshore RMB market construction.

This conference is committed to delivering exclusive information, expected to invite 150+ industry players from government, banks, brokers, exchanges, clearing house, trust and investment companies, trading platforms, securities, insurance companies, futures brokers, fund managers, technology companies, financial companies, financial consultants, import & export enterprises, etc. Renowned experts and decision-makers will be invited to give wonderful speech from State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Chinese Academy of Governance, Standing Executive Committee Member, China International Economic Relations Society and President, China Forex Investment Research Institute, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Barclays Capital, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, China Agriculture University, People's Bank of China, HSBC, Bank of America Corporation, Singapore, CBRC, CLS Bank, Citibank, etc.

What You Will Take Away From the Event?

· Gaining access to a target audience from government, banks, exchanges, clearing house, trust and investment companies, brokers, trading platforms, risk management advisors, etc
· Understanding SAFE’s regulatory directions in the FX derivative market
· Assessing the status quo and untapped growth potential of China’s FX market
· Analyzing the development of RMB-FX derivatives and challenges that Chinese banks are facing

The China Forex Trading Outlook 2011 is a must choice for decision makers to acquire insights and deeper understandings of the impact, opportunities, challenges and strategies of China forex trading market..

For more detailed information, please visit the event website: www.chinafxoutlook.com Or contact the organizing committee for any inquires by +86 21 51615300 and marketing@igvision.com.