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6th China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2011

Share September 1st, 2011

6th Annual China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2011, co-hosted by Shanghai Gold & Jewelry Trade Association and IGVision International Corporation Shanghai, will be held on November 30th – December 2nd in Shanghai China. It is China’s largest networking and information exchange platform for gold & precious metals industry. The summit has been successfully held for five times, attracting more than 200 industry practitioners across the value chain arranging from mining companies to futures brokers every year.

Now at its 6th anniversary, the premier event will continue to be committed to delivering exclusive information intelligence and inviting over 200 top professionals including gold & precious metals producers, commodity & mercantile exchanges, bankers, bullion dealers, traders, brokers, refiners, jewelers, advisors, analysts and fund managers, etc.

Keeping abreast of Price Trends, Debt Woes, Monetary Policy, Inflation Pressures, Supply and Demand Fundamentals, and Investment Infrastructure Development, the summit will provide you with a comprehensive picture of future prices, investment vehicle, development of gold and precious metals in the context of global economic uncertainty and rising demand for an inflation hedge. It will highlight supply & demand dynamics in China market, the growth strategy of China's leading gold producers, the trends of gold and precious metal prices, the prosperity and development of China's precious metals market, and the best gold investment vehicle.

What You Will Take Away From the Event?

· Gaining access to a target audience of mining companies, exchanges, commercial banks, refiners, dealers, brokers, investors, jewelers, advisors and fund managers, etc
· Finding out how much higher gold prices can go after touching a record high over $1,800 an ounce
· Analyzing the key considerations in launching silver futures in China
· Understanding global cost trends impacting the mining industry
· Discerning the trends of gold demand and monetary policy of emerging market countries and their influence on the yellow metal's prices
· Assessing the prosperity and development of China's precious metals market
· Scrutinizing whether May's downturn in silver prices was a mere correction in a still-intact uptrend
· Exploring the growth strategy of gold producers amid expanding gap between supply and demand

6th China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2011 is a must choice for decision makers to acquire insights and deeper understandings of the impact, opportunities, challenges and strategies of China gold & precious metals market.